I feel like my day gets soo much better when I make you feel good however I should keep my distance until the actual distance is closer
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The way he looks at her.

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It really bothers me when girls I date whether it’s official or not think I was just trying to take advantage of them or some shit like that! Like I would not have put up any time or effort into it! If I really wanted you just for things like that there are plenty of girls out there that would have been way easier to make it happen with but I chose you and only you! I’m just venting because my ex wants to act like it’s the end of the world that she saw me after a year and thinks I did everything just to mess around with her like wtf? She broke up with me! I don’t get girls and I don’t think I ever will even though I grew up being the only boy







Salute to the enduring spirit of the children of the slaves…

A lot of the men and women that had to endure this are still alive. Don’t let white people act like this is the distant past. It’s not.

Fucking monsters.

American history. American present.

Never forget

I’d like to kno where those old defenseless senior crakers are now